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From Sunnybrook Next Generation
Hosted @ MaRS Discovery District
November 21, 7-10pm

Supporting Canadian
Medical Innovation



Toronto’s medtech scene is BOOMING! Across the city’s incubators, we’ve screened and interviewed dozens of pitch applications from the city’s most promising emerging medtech companies.



Our 4 most promising applicants will be invited to pitch their companies live on November 21 in front of our all-star panel of “Hawks” and a 300+ person audience.



The winning company will leave the event with a NON-DILUTIVE CHEQUE for 50% of the event’s net proceeds (up to a maximum of $50,000), with all remaining proceeds being donated to the Sunnybrook Research Institute!

Meet The Hawks



Co-Founder & CEO, Bloom Burton & Co.

Founded in 2008, Bloom Burton & Co. is Canada’s pre-eminent healthcare sector financial advisory firm, offering a wide variety of services that work together to identify, cultivate and create investment opportunities on behalf of companies and investors alike. The firm offers M&A advisory, capital raising and financing, equity research, monetization planning, direct investment, and transaction support services to the healthcare industry.



Co-Founder & CIO, EdgeStone Capital Partners

EdgeStone Capital Partners is one of Canada’s largest and most successful private equity funds. Since its inception in 1999, EdgeStone has managed in excess of $2 billion for institutional and high-net-worth investors, across a range of private capital vehicles including private equity, venture capital, mezzanine debt, and energy funds, as well as a fund-of-funds.



President, Baylis Medical

Baylis Medical is a leading Canadian supplier of high-technology cardiology, endovascular and oncology medical devices. As the former Chief Technology Officer of Baylis (pre-2016), Kris is listed as the lead inventor on numerous patents and in addition to his work at Baylis, he is also a Director of several of Canada’s most up-and-coming medtech companies.



Partner, Lumira Capital

With over 20 years of life science, IT and business development executive-level experience, Jacki is a key member of Lumira Capital’s senior management team, where her responsibilities include financial analysis, industry intelligence, proactive deal sourcing and structuring, and fundraising. Jacki also directs all aspects of Lumira’s IT initiatives, a role in which she has developed a world class venture capital analytics platform.



Co-Founder & CEO, Intellijoint Surgical Inc.

Based in Waterloo, ON, Intellijoint Surgical has successfully developed and launched a state of the art surgical camera (and supporting software) that is used by orthopedic surgeons to greatly improve clinical outcomes in hip replacement surgeries without materially increasing surgical procedure lengths. Intellijoint has raised over $18M in funding to date and is widely regarded as one of Canada’s most promising medical technology companies.

Meet The Finalists

People's own cells and genomes will become the foundation of future biomedical therapeutics. Aged cells, however, are highly mutated, deteriorated versions of our current cells. Acorn Biolabs has developed a mail-in non-invasive cell collection kit to cryopreserve and sequence people's cells, empowering them with information today and preparing them for future therapeutics.

At RetiSpec, we are developing a non-invasive retinal scanner that detects Alzheimer's pathology years before the onset of symptoms. Our technology aims to help pharmaceutical companies optimize expensive patient screening processes for Alzheimer’s-related clinical trials and more importantly, help clinicians diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s at earlier stages of onset, when patients are typically much more responsive to intervening therapeutics and other forms of treatment.

Tréxō Robotics is building the first exoskeleton device designed specifically for children with disabilities. Tréxō’s unique design allows it to convert any passive walker into a fully powered exoskeleton device that can be used anywhere, at any time, at a fraction of the price of currently available competitor devices. Founded in 2016 by two University of Waterloo engineering graduates, Tréxō is driven by the belief that people shouldn’t be constrained to a wheelchair, and is on a mission to redefine mobility solutions for all.

VivaVax creates biosafe formulations that protect sensitive medications from breaking down during transport & storage. We offer better temperature resistance with a 2-3X spoilage improvement over current technologies.

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What We're Supporting

Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) is the research enterprise of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and is fully affiliated with the University of Toronto.

SRI’s core mission is to understand and prevent disease, and to develop treatments that enhance and extend life. Each year, SRI’s 311 scientists conduct $100 million worth of research across 500,000 square feet of space, including the world’s first Centre for Research in Image-Guided Therapeutics.

A field in which SRI excels is focused ultrasound. Led by Dr. Kullervo Hynynen, Director of Physical Sciences, SRI’s scientists are pioneers in the invention and testing of this non-invasive therapy that is poised to take its place among humanity’s most important medical advances. SRI has achieved many world firsts in this arena, including the launch of two clinical trials that usher in a new era of brain therapy:

  • Clinicians and scientists used focused ultrasound to open the blood-brain barrier and administer chemotherapy directly to patients’ brain tumours.
  • SRI’s scientists used focused ultrasound to precisely and safely open the blood-brain barrier of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Hynynen is also developing a next-generation focused ultrasound device that can treat hundreds of spots during a brain procedure without the use of real-time MRI.

These advances – just a small sample of many across countless clinical domains – are being felt worldwide and will impact global healthcare for decades to come. To learn more about SRI, please visit

Who We Are

Hawk's Nest is brought to you by Sunnybrook Next Generation (SNG). SNG is a group of young professional volunteer advocates and ambassadors that supports the mission and goals of Sunnybrook by engaging a new generation of supporters through awareness initiatives, fundraising activities, and active participation in the community of Sunnybrook.

SNG has built and continues to build a strong core group of volunteer leaders who are passionate about Sunnybrook and healthcare in general. Through its social calendar, SNG provides professional and social networking opportunities to its membership and the young professional community at large while raising funds for the hospital’s highest priority needs.

Message From The Chairs

On behalf of SNG, welcome! Your interest in our mission and goals is what fuels us to support Sunnybrook’s highest priority needs.

Since its inception in 2014, SNG has consistently demonstrated itself as an organization capable of achieving tremendous success across a wide range of fundraising, community engagement and educational outreach initiatives. With the collective efforts of our executive, committees and general membership, we strive to educate the next generation of Sunnybrook’s community leaders, while raising critical funds to help Sunnybrook remain at the forefront of medical innovation – both now and for decades to come.

We are extremely excited about our inaugural Hawk’s Nest. The event will provide an excellent platform for SNG to continue developing its committed group of influential community leaders, while supporting both Sunnybrook and the burgeoning local medtech start-up community.

Your support of Hawk’s Nest – be that as committee members, partners, sponsors, or guests – means the world to us and with your help, we look forward to launching this exciting annual franchise in support of the premier medical institution that we love. Thank you for support and we hope you’ll join us on November 21st for a night of fun and inspiration!

Jesse Buckstein

Jesse Buckstein

Principal, CPOINT Capital

David Tile

David Tile

Founder, Nimble Media


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