SNG Hawk’s Nest is Back!

MaRS Discovery District
November 21, 2019
6 pm – 10 pm

Supporting Canadian
Medical Innovation


Toronto’s medtech scene is BOOMING! Across the city’s incubators, we screen and interview dozens of pitch applications from the city’s most promising emerging medtech companies.



Our 4 most promising applicants are invited to pitch their companies live on November 21 in front of our all-star panel of “Hawks” and a 300+ person audience.



The winning company will leave the event with a NON-DILUTIVE CHEQUE for 50% of the event’s net proceeds (up to a maximum of $50,000), with all remaining proceeds being donated to the Sunnybrook Medventions Program!

Watch the 2019 Trailer

Meet Your 2019 Finalists

Headquartered in Toronto, ON, Cosm Medical is personalizing pessaries for unique bodies and needs. Pelvic floor disorders are very common and disruptive to female lifestyles, yet the treatment of such disorders typically includes considerable clinical guesswork and is often unsatisfactory. By combining a novel ultrasound technique to measure the pelvic floor and combining it with both data science and 3D printing, Cosm is building the world’s first custom gynecological prosthetics platform to better address this underserved market.

Headquartered in Bolton, ON, Epineuron is committed to revolutionizing the standard of care for treating peripheral nerve injuries. By building the world’s first electroceutical device engineered to supercharge the nerve and accelerate regeneration, Epineuron’s technology delivers electrical stimulation that boosts the nerve’s natural biochemical process to heal and repair itself when injured.

Headquartered in Kitchener, ON, NERv is developing a diagnostic smart catheter system embedded with micro-sensors to detect gastrointestinal leaks that can arise after surgical procedures. Current complication detection techniques are delayed, costly, reactive, and non-specific, resulting in the death of at least 13,000 patients annually in the US. With NERv’s technology, detection times can be reduced to a matter of minutes, and leakage-related surgical complications can be properly treated before they put patient lives in jeopardy.

Headquartered in Waterloo, ON, Vena Medical is providing physicians with the world’s smallest camera in order to facilitate quicker and better diagnosis and treatment of strokes. Vena’s microangioscope is capable of providing full colour imaging from inside of veins and arteries in order to reduce the costs and uncertainties involved with treating stroke patients, and ultimately improve their clinical outcomes.


Hawk’s Nest Highlights Thus Far

  • 100+ applicants screened
  • 50 corporate sponsorships/partnerships received
  • More than 600 in attendance
  • Press coverage in the National Post, University of Toronto Press, Toronto Sun, & BetaKit
  • More than $200,000 raised
  • Unencumbered cheques totalling more than $60,000 awarded to our winners.
  • Unanimously positive feedback received from attendees, contestants, judges, and volunteers.

The 2018 Champion: Mimosa Diagnostics

MIMOSA Diagnostics is a leading mHealth innovator that is building the next generation of patient monitoring and assessment tools. Driven by AI and delivered through the cloud, MIMOSA uses multi-spectral mobile tissue analysis to go beyond anatomy to assess and measure the physiology of tissue health and viability. MIMOSA enhances remote monitoring and assessment via real-time insights, enabling better treatment decisions and outcomes for each patient.

The 2017 Champion: Trexo Robotics

Tréxō Robotics is building the first exoskeleton device designed specifically for children with disabilities. Tréxō’s unique design allows it to convert any passive walker into a fully powered exoskeleton device that can be used anywhere, at any time, at a fraction of the price of currently available competitor devices. Founded in 2016 by two University of Waterloo engineering graduates, Tréxō is driven by the belief that people shouldn’t be constrained to a wheelchair, and is on a mission to redefine mobility solutions for all.

The 2018 Finalists

Cyclica is Toronto-based and venture-backed biotechnology company that is revolutionizing next generation drug discovery by empowering pharmaceutical scientists with a cloud-based and AI-augmented platform to enhance how scientists design, screen, and personalize medicines, all for the purpose of designing better therapeutics that enhance patient outcomes.
Conventional 2D X-rays cannot screen for lung cancer because lung tissue is obscured by overlying bones leading to CAT scans that are radiation intensive, have slower workflows and higher lifetime ownership costs than 2D X-ray. Just like your eye sees 3 colors, Waterloo start-up KA Imaging has created a revolutionary 2D X-ray detector retrofit solution that can “see” different X-ray energy levels, which enables clear lung tissue visualization by subtracting bone and other unwanted materials.
Steadiwear is a Toronto-based medical device company that has developed the Steadi-One, a lightweight, compact and battery-free glove that uses cutting-edge damping technology to stabilize the wrist and improve tactile functionality in Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor patients. 

The 2017 Finalists

People’s own cells and genomes will become the foundation of future biomedical therapeutics. Aged cells, however, are highly mutated, deteriorated versions of our current cells. Acorn Biolabs has developed a mail-in non-invasive cell collection kit to cryopreserve and sequence people’s cells, empowering them with information today and preparing them for future therapeutics.

At RetiSpec, we are developing a non-invasive retinal scanner that detects Alzheimer’s pathology years before the onset of symptoms. Our technology aims to help pharmaceutical companies optimize expensive patient screening processes for Alzheimer’s-related clinical trials and more importantly, help clinicians diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s at earlier stages of onset, when patients are typically much more responsive to intervening therapeutics and other forms of treatment.

VivaVax creates biosafe formulations that protect sensitive medications from breaking down during transport & storage. We offer better temperature resistance with a 2-3X spoilage improvement over current technologies.

Our Cause: Sunnybrook Medventions Program
Despite possessing many ingredients for success, including a well-educated population and a high-quality health care system with strong clinical research capabilities, Canada imports $8.6 billion in medical devices every year while exporting just $3 million of the same. While many Canadians have the ability to make medical discoveries, few know how to take a medical device from idea to prototype through commercialization.

To take the lead in addressing this domestic skills gap, Sunnybrook launched its flagship Medventions program, which provides scientists, clinicians and engineers alike with a streamlined entrepreneurial training approach focused on nurturing local medtech expertise.

Medventions’ dual mandate is to both pave the way for new generations of medtech-gadgets that directly target unmet clinical needs and mentor its participants in the complexities of bringing their innovations from bench to bedside. Key components of the program include innovation internships, a bi-weekly medtech innovation seminar, an annual innovation symposium, and an online medtech community portal.

Medventions’ ultimate goal is to enable both patients and the Canadian health care system as a whole to reap the benefits of the medical inventions that emerge from its program, and it is with programs such as Medventions that Sunnybrook will ultimately realize its goal of inventing the future of healthcare.

Who We Are

Hawk’s Nest is brought to you by Sunnybrook Next Generation (SNG). SNG is a group of young professional volunteer advocates and ambassadors that supports the mission and goals of Sunnybrook by engaging a new generation of supporters through awareness initiatives, fundraising activities, and active participation in the community of Sunnybrook.

SNG has built and continues to build a strong core group of volunteer leaders who are passionate about Sunnybrook and healthcare in general. Through its social calendar, SNG provides professional and social networking opportunities to its membership and the young professional community at large while raising funds for the hospital’s highest priority needs.

Message From The Chairs

Dear Friend of Sunnybrook,

On behalf of SNG, welcome! Your interest in our mission and goals is what fuels us to support Sunnybrook’s highest priority needs.

Since 2014, SNG has consistently demonstrated itself as an organization capable of achieving tremendous success across a wide range of fundraising, community engagement and educational outreach initiatives. With the collective efforts of our executive, committees and general members, we strive to educate the next generation of Sunnybrook’s community leaders, while raising critical funds to help Sunnybrook remain at the forefront of medical innovation – both now and for decades to come.

The success of Hawk’s Nest has helped accelerate the growth of SNG in a big way and has generated tremendous publicity for both Sunnybrook as a whole and the incredible finalists who have pitched at our event.

While we have been thrilled by the success of our first two Hawk’s Nest events, we believe that we still have ample room and opportunity to grow our franchise. Our vision is to make Hawk’s Nest THE premier startup pitch competition in Canada, and to achieve that goal we will need many more sponsors, media partners, volunteers, and high profile attendees alike. 

Your support of Hawk’s Nest means the world to us and with your help, we look forward to taking Hawk’s Nest to even greater heights this year. We hope you will consider supporting our event and please join us on November 21st for a night of fun and inspiration!


Jesse Buckstein & David Tile

Co-Chairs, SNG Hawk’s Nest

Jesse Buckstein

Jesse Buckstein

Principal, CPOINT Capital

David Tile

David Tile

Founder, Nimble Media